Hafa Adai and Welcome to my web page.  I have set-up this web page for all my constituents and visitors of current issues involving our community and the CNMI. 

To my constituents, I am humbly gratified by your enduring support and loyalty.  Your confidence has sustained me in my two terms in office, where I addressed issues and ideas which are important to us.

My relentless pursuit of justice, excellence, and incorruptible public service shall continue.  My performance in the 10th and 11th Legislatures is a record of aggressive endeavor towards the improvement of education, health, development of youth programs and facilities, homestead development, CIP funding, economic growth, family values and unity, drug free, safe and clean environment, community involvement and the preservation of our customs, language and cultural heritage.

Please check back on a regular basis for current 
issues and events.


Rosiky F. Camacho

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